Payload Monitoring System

The BEML PAYLOAD MONITORING SYSTEM (PLMS) is used to measure, monitor and store the loading and unloading process of dumper trucks. System receives analog inputs (4 to 20 mA) from pressure sensors for load. It is a 24v battery-operated system. It accepts 4 potential free inputs and gives payload reading on cabin display.

PLMS prints out the summary of trips through RS232 serial communication & can be dowloaded by CAN bus with customize PC software.


  • Accepts 4 no. pressure sensors- 4-20ma two wire system.
  • Input-Neutral to latch weight
  • Output - 2nos one for Amber Lamp and one for RED Lamp
  • 2x16 character LCD display
  • Built in RTC
  • 3000 trucks information with date/time
  • RS232c serial communication to download data
  • Display latched weight/trip count/cumulative weight
  • Connectivity – 19pin military grade automotive connector
  • Power: 24 v DC battery input from Vehicle.(wide input range 9-36vDC)

Customer Scope

  • Pressure sensors: 2 wire 4-20ma – 4nos.
  • Pressure sensor cable crimping and routing
  • Neutral input for Hour meter.
  • Amber and RED Lamps

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