Signal Conditioner

Load cell amplifer is also called as Singal Condtioner, it is used for connect Load cell output to connect PLC system, EPOCH Load cell amplifer and Singal condtioner is good accuracy and low cost solution.

Our main objective while engineering and developing loadcells is to make it sustainable and to bring output, in right proportion to the applied force, while loading, with efficient Signal conditioner. Our Stain Guage Load cell has been considered much for weighing in many industries.

Signal conditioner performs the process, where the signals are manipulated to a better functioning in loadcells. This is generally applied in analog to digital conversion in converters. The model named SC – 01 – A works efficiently. It accounts for ± 0.1% accuracy. This needs the power supply of 230V, 50Hz at AC Mains. The range of input varies from 0-20mV. Signal outputted at maximum of 10V. Sensors arranged in parallel, has different output executing at 85 Ohms, which is actual minimum bridge resistance. The transduced information can be used resourcefully. The operational amplifier brilliantly utilised in this complex integrated circuits. There is effective resistance to specially built electric circuit. Temperature pressure flow should be adequately maintained. The operating temperature, where this model functions upto 50º Celcius. It can withstand varying temperatures. Hot temperatures can be effectively handled. Basically, the loadcells should will be not affected by the temperature.

Signal conditioner has the circuits, which are perfectly designed to execute precise level of output. Current voltage resistance managed at proper. There will be flexible conversion of current to voltage. There are functions of clear interface and isolation. During the conversion, proper resistance to voltage can be ensured. There is clear equilibrium at positive and negative voltages. There is impressive gain in voltage. Signal influences can be checked. Distortion of signals are extremely minimised with the input impedence. During the signal conditioning, bandwidth is also an important consideration and this system works efficiently. This Stain Gauge Loadcell has the resolution of 0-1000 Counts. The drift is avoided at best. Product dimensions comes in measurements 140 x 100 x 60 mm. Enclosures are made with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butandiene Styrene) plastic case, which is less risk material and considered for safe execution and delivery.

For a satisfactory output, effective signal conditioning process is essential to sustain and for systematised execution of data. Best engineering concepts utilised for a better results.

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