Load Cells

Load cells are weight transducer which transforms force into a considerable electrical outcome signals. There are mainly 3 types of load cells - strain gauge load cell, hydraulic load cell, and Pneumatic Load cell. Strain gauge load cells are the generally used types. This transformation is oblique and happens in two levels. Through a technical agreement, the power being felt deforms a strain gauge. The strain gauge measures actions of the deformation (strain) as an electric indication, because the stress changes the efficient electric level of resistance of the cable. A load cell regularly includes four strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. Load cells of one strain gauge or two stress indicators are also available. The electric indication output is generally in an order of a few mill volts and needs boosting by an instrumentation amplifier before it can be used. The outcome of the transducer can be scaly to determine the power used to the transducer.

At Epoch Load Cell we are offering many verity of load cells like, S Beam Load Cell also known as S type load cell, Pancake load cell, Cantilever load cell, Double Ended Shear Beam load cell, Compression Load Cell, Super Precision Compression Load Cell, Tension Load Cell, Shear Web Load Cell, Pedal Force Load Cell, Web Tension Load Cell, Weight Transducer, Pressure Transducer, etc.


Epoch Load Cell Manufacturers can offer you the ultimate and latest variety of industrial load transducer. Whether you have indoor or outdoor applications, or the installation is subject to vibration, high wind speed or harsh environments, we can offer the services to fit your requirements. We can also plan and construct to your necessities, and it is this arrangement of specialization and flexibility which makes us marketplace leaders in the manufacture and deliver of industrial load cells. As an expert weight transducers manufacturer, we are capable to strengthen the maximum stages of accuracy, performance and superiority within our manufactured load cells variety with an unrivalled stage of support on all parts of assortment, fitting and procedure. As professional load cell Manufacturers, we are able to strengthen the biggest levels of precision load cells, performance and great quality within our selection with a unique level of support on all factors of selection, set up and function. As load cell developers, manufacturers and providers with professional skills and experience comprising years, you can be sure of the biggest requirements of style and construction. Working to industry value of practice guarantees that the completed load cell will be of the finest great quality. All of our load cells such as Compression load cell, S Type load cell, Tension load cell, Pancake load cell, Pedal force load cell, Shear web load cell etc. are made from only a handful of select materials that produce consistent, high performance and durable products.


Epoch Load Cell Dealers are work intimately with clients to set up the most suitable installation to deliver accurate and repeatable measurement data of load cells industries. In addition to our own range of standard load cells our dealers also provide custom force measurement solutions and designing load cells for specific measurement situations, or strain gauging existing load bearing components. If you are looking for a solution to a force measurement problem you need look no further than Epoch load cell dealers. Our experienced dealers will try hard to reach at the best possible solution for your problem. Our Load Cell Dealers delivery time is doubtless and quickest possible in India and our dealers like to deal straight with the end customers anywhere you are based in the world. This ensures that the request receives the top industrial concern right from the beginning of a project when the accurate selection of load cell is necessary for successful force measurement. We can provide all your load cell requirement specifications from offering professional consultancy and top great quality load cells to load cell calibration, examination and repair. And if our standard variety of load tissues just will not fit the invoice, we can style you one exact to your specifications, helping you to fix any load cell related problems you may have.Please, contact offline or online to Epoch Load Cell dealers for any types of load cells, sensors and weight transducers.

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