Download Brochure Aircraft Weighing Kit

Epoch electronic Aircraft weighing kit is designed primarily to cater the accurate weighing needs of aircraft and aerospace vehicles, but can be used for other precision weighing application as well as for the calibration of force generating machines. These kits are factory calibrated. Apart from this, test certificate from Government agencies like M/s. C.P.R.I or IISc will be provided. Epoch combines state-of-the-art electronic end mechanical design features to provide the highest quality weigh measurement. Weighing kits are microprocessor based and are more accurate. The capacity resolution and decimal points are user programmable.

It is recommended that the kit will be returned to the factory for routine calibration every 12 months or sooner if trouble is observed or erroneous readings are suspected. Cables to the indicator mounted in the case where the weight, in kilograms, is read directly on digital display. The load imposed on a load Cell producers